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Years of industry experience has molded PSC into one of the best run construction companies in the Philippines. A big part of this success comes from the hard work and dedication of its people. Individuals who poses the core qualities we are looking for are welcome to join the family. 
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At PSC we always strive to 
achieve more than what is 
good enough. Pair talent 
with hard work and your 
growth will be endless. 
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Face corporate challenges 
with a smile on your face 
and a sincere heart. 
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We need game-changers! 
Think out of the box. We 
welcome people with 
fresh ideas.

Growth sits at the center of PSC’s culture.
We always emphasize the value of GROWING TOGETHER. Employees who show potential regardless of age and gender are given opportunities to better their craft. Problems are solved and ideas are made through team efforts.

Grow as the company grows. Learn from other professionals and sharpen your skills through corporate opportunities and experiences. The best customer experience is a collective effort of all employees. We’re looking for sincere individuals to share this journey with.
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Join our dynamic team of dedicated professionals!
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Gain knowledge and experience through trainings, seminars, & workshops.
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Get promotion opportunities based on performance & potential.

Our diverse family is composed of talented and passionate individuals from all ages and genders all over the Philippines.
Fresh and innovative ideas are born from diverse individuals